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Promoting education and public awareness regarding Global Climate Change and its connection to carbon emissions is our main objective here at the McMaster Centre for Climate Change.

We aim to achieve comprehensive public awareness of Climate Change issues through speaker series, public partnerships, highschool outreach, and educational reasources.


Highschool Outreach

Educating our future generations about the challenges they will face when confronting IMG 0539 180x180pxclimate change is an important part of our mandate at the McMaster Centre for Climate Change.  Focusing on high school programs in the region, our goal is to develop a strong outreach initiative that compliments the current Ontario curriculum, while providing a unique educational experience for those involved. 

To date, this initiative has seen local high school students visit the McMaster campus for Climate Day, while graduate students and professors have also visited schools across the city and region.

The centre is currently in the midst of developing a curriculum-based educational outreach program, in partnership with the McMaster University Office of Sustainability.




Climate Change is one of the complex issues of our time.  Realizing this, the McMaster Centre for Climate Change strongly supports the need for individuals, groups, and organizations to work together when discussing how best to learn, react, and adapt to climate change.  As a part of our outreach mandate, the MCCC is developing public partnerships with a variety of local organizations.  Our partners and partner institutes are listed below, and we encourage you to visit their respective websites to learn more about the work that each of them are engaged in.


McMaster Partnerships

  • McMaster University Office of Sustainability
  • McMaster University has developed the Office of Sustainability to better communicate, facilitate and manage all aspects of university sustainability.  The office is meant to be a catalyst for change within the university and encourages staff, faculty and students to join in to help create a sustainable culture here at McMaster.
  • School of Geography and Earth Sciences (Partner Institutes)
  • McMaster Centre for Spatial Analysis - Research in the Centre for Spatial Analysis focuses on the development of spatial analysis methods and techniques and the application of such methods to urban transportation problems and to understanding the relationship between environmental pollution and health.
  • McMaster Institute of Environment & Health - The goal of MIEH is to facilitate, promote, and publish environmental health research, and to share this expertise with the broader community.
  • McMaster Institute for Transportation & Logistics - MITL is a non-profit organization of private and public sector investors created to work with business and government partners to address real challenges facing the industry and to bring together resources, expertise and experience that the industry does not have but desperately needs.


Public Partnerships



Interested in Outreach?

If you or your organization are interested in any of the above outreach activities, please feel free to contact us. In fact, we'd love to hear from you! The MCCC is always open to exploring new possibilities and developing new connections with those at McMaster, in Hamilton, and beyond. Please contact our Outreach Coordinators, Michelle Kula and Janelle Trant, if you are interested: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.