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Great Lakes and Climate Change!

"Climatologists, using the General Circulation Model (GCM), have attempted to estimate how the increase of carbon dioxide emissions will affect the climate in the Great Lakes basin. Several of these models show that at twice the carbon dioxide level, the climate of the basin will be warmer by 2-4°C than at present. Warmer climates mean increased evaporation from the lake surfaces, and evapotranspiration from the land surface of the basin. Due to evaporation, the resulting decreases in average lake levels are predicted to be from half a metre to two metres, depending on the model used." - from a recent article "Adapting to a changing climate: A Great lakes imperative" by one of our members, Dr.Gail Krantzberg discusses some adaptation measures. To read more Click HERE.

To learn more about Dr.Krantzberg's research, please visit her research website.



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