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Message From the Director

Beginning in the fall of 2009, the Centre has been developed to promote research activities focusing on the study of climate processes, climate change and the human perception and response to these processes and changes.Through outreach activities, guest speakers andcollaborative research, the McMaster Centre for Climate Change seeks to promote a multidisciplinary approach to climate change research. Please read on for more about the exciting work taking shape. 

M. Altaf Arain 
MCCC Director 
Professor, Geography and Earth Sciences

Mission Statement

The mission of the McMaster Centre for Climate Change is to promote and facilitate education, research activities and collaborations to study and model  processes of Earth’s climate system and the impacts of climate change on the environment, ecosystems, water resources and human health.



  • Establish a multi-disciplinary collaborative research program by bringing together researchers working on climate change research at McMaster University  and beyond, and to promote these research activities at national and international levels.
  • Study the impacts of climate change on ecosystems, water resources, human health and society to improve our understanding of physical, biological and chemical  processes and advance the predictive capabilities of Earth System models.
  • To explore human perceptions of and responses to climate change and its likely impact on health and social activity.
  • Promote graduate and undergraduate teaching and scholarships, focusing on the environment, climate change and their impacts.
  • Enhance public outreach and provide scientific input to academic and public debates on environmental and climate change issues.
  • Encourage the application of scientific knowledge for the sustainability and resilience of ecosystems, water resources, and infrastructure while developing public policies that will meet societal challenges caused by future climate change.